Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher Education

In the CTE department we encourage student and faculty participation and collaboration as important properties of a strong education. Students are given opportunities to become involved with the Bilkent community and the national and international community. Active participation and collaboration helps develop highly marketable 21st century skills. It increases students' ownership in the department and in their education, leading to empowerment, self confidence and a better quality education.

During their time at Bilkent, CTE students have the opportunity to become involved in departmental, university-wide, national and international activities. Some examples include participation in international conferences, community volunteer work, international projects, student clubs, national student assemblies, student competitions and local student chapters of international organizations in the field. Participating in extra-curricular activities and collaborating with peers allows students to form relationships with their classmates and instructors that will continue long after graduation.


There are a number of student clubs at Bilkent university which organize social and cultural activities that enrich student life on campus. Students from the CTE department have created two such clubs, BilWiC and the CTE student club.

Bilkent Women in Computing (BilWiC)

As the first international ACM-W Student Chapter, BilWIC plays a significant role in the improvement of the working and learning environments for female students in computing.

CTE Student Club

The CTE student club is one such club, organized by students which organizes meetings, seminars, and trips to allow students to participate in various CTE related activities.

SIGCSE-Bilkent Student Chapter

SIGCSE BILKENT student chapter is a student-led local chapter of the international organization, the ACM-Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education.


CTE 312 - International Term Project: Each year, students in an international term project course work with students from the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology to complete a software application for the International Childrens Centre. The project gives students the opportunity to work and socialize with people from another culture.

How to Train Your Robot (Summer 2012) Our instructors Dr. Can Kültür and Lori Russell Dağ with the help of 4 CTE students/graduates developed and implemented a workshop for high school students as a part of first Bilkent Youth Academy activity. The activity was about introducing basic computer programming concepts through a workshop implemented at Central Gymnasium. Thanks to Öznur Altıntaş, Simge Kaya, Deha Nemutlu, Tuğba Buldu and Büşra Zorba for their valuable contribution.

CTE Students Win First Prize! (Spring 2012) Our students attended a symposium at Eskisehir Gazi Osman University, returned with 1st ranking in two categories. These were instructional software and mobile computing category. We congratulate them on their success.


Members of the CTE department faculty are also involved in a number of projects, organizations and activities in addition to their regular academic activities.

Bilkent Educational Technology Support Unit(BETS)

BETS is a volunteer group initialed by the CTE department that supports the use of instructional technology at Bilkent University.

SIGCSE-Bilkent Professional Chapter

Some CTE department faculty are also founding members of the local chapter of the ACM Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education. SIGCSE-Bilkent was formed to provide a network and resources to promote awareness of the importance of computer science education among academia, industry and K-12 educators


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