Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher Education

Highlights of the curriculum include collaborative and project based courses and activities, internships and community service courses. Such activities allow students to develop the skills necessary to work with individuals from different cultures and disciplines. Working with peers in groups inside and outside the classroom helps support a more personalized learning environment.

The curriculum focuses on learning rather than teaching, as subjects will change, but the skills needed to learn new technologies will not. Individuals with lifelong learning skills will have continuous learning opportunities in the workplace, at home and in educational environments. The CTE curriculum encourages active learning that enables students to become active participants in the learning process, rather than passive consumers.



Semester 1 (Autumn)
CodeCourse NameCreditECTS
CTE 111Introduction to Programming I510
CTE 113IT in Education I45
CTE 115Discrete Mathematics35
ENG 101English and Composition I36
TURK 101Turkish I21
GE 100Orientation11
Semester 2 (Spring)
CodeCourse NameCreditECTS
CTE 112Introduction to Programming II58
CTE 114IT in Education II44
ENG 102English and Composition II36
MATH 105Introduction to Calculus I47
TE 116Introduction to Education Science34
TURK 102Turkish II21


Semester 3 (Autumn)
CodeCourse NameCreditECTS
CTE 205Computer Organization34
CTE 209Communication Skills34
CTE 211Programming Languages I57
HISTR 201History of Turkish Republic I21
PHYS 107Basic Physics I46
TE 203Educational Psychology34
TE 207Introduction to Curriculum34
Semester 4 (Spring)
CodeCourse NameCreditECTS
CTE 212Programming Languages II46
CTE 216Introduction to Web Technologies34
CTE 218Operating Systems45
CTE 252Instructional Design34
HISTR 202History of Turkish Republic II21
PHYS 108Basic Physics II46
TE 204Principles and Methods of Instruction34


Semester 5 (Autumn)
CodeCourse NameCreditECTS
CTE 309Community Service22
CTE 311Database Management Systems 45
CTE 317Programming for the Internet I34
CTE 321Human Computer Interaction34
CTE 351Material Design and Development in Education34
HCIV 101History of Civilizations I36
TE 307Measurement and Evaluation35
Semester 6 (Spring)
CodeCourse NameCreditECTS
CTE 308Information Ethics and Security34
CTE 316Network Structures and Communication35
CTE 322Multimedia Design and Development35
TE 310Computer Teaching Methods I34
TE 312School Experience I35
TE 314Classroom Management24
TE 318Turkish Education System and School Management23


Semester 7 (Autumn)
CodeCourse NameCreditECTS
CTE 403Research Methods in Education36
CTE 417Programming for the Internet II36
CTE 421Project Management and Development I36
TE 405Computer Teaching Methods II36
TE 407School Experience II36
Semester 8 (Spring)
CodeCourse NameCreditECTS
CTE 422Project Management and Development II48
TE 402Guidence36
TE 406Teaching Practice in Computer Teaching58
- Elective (GK)34
- Elective (A)34


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